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“Yellowstone Longbow”

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The “Yellowstone Longbow”, a proven design, has been used for many years for hunting and 3-D competition. Available in 60″ to 68″ lengths. It is a traditional designed bow with moderate deflex-reflex to give excellent speed and accuracy, almost no hand shock, be very forgiving to shoot, and still maintain a traditional looking bow.
The Leather wrapped and hand stitched grips have a small dish for the web of your hand, which gives you a positive and quick grip for every shot and add to accuracy, so you can hit your target every time. I can also make a straight grip if you prefer.
I use overlays on the tips of linen micarta in red, black or tan or a combination to add strength for using fast flight string. It also adds color and beauty to your bow. The riser wood is exotic hard wood in any of the various woods available in your choice. I also use dymondwood. The “Yellowstone Longbow” is custom made, one of a kind. I put a lot of attention to detail, beauty and longevity.
Thunderbird Epoxy is used on all of the bows for a final finish in a semi satin or a non glare finish.
Every bow is a truly custom made bow you will be proud to own.

“Yellowstone Hunter”

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The “Yellowstone Hunter” was specifically designed for the hunter who likes a shorter bow, available in 60″ and 62″ lengths. It is an excellent bow for the tree stand or blind hunter. A moderate deflex – reflex design gives it very good speed and shootability. It is a smooth shooting, accurate, quiet bow. Comes standard with fast flight string and micarta tip overlays. Available in many wood options. This is a bow I have built for many years and has an excellent record for dependability.

“Yellowstone Half Breed”

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The “Half Breed” is a three piece T.D. Longbow, available in 60″ and 62″. Combining the best qualities of a longbow with a T.D. recurve, makes the “Half Breed” an excellent choice for the bow hunter. With easy shooting characteristics, smoothness of draw and good speed and accuracy, the “Half Breed” shoots as fast as most recurves without many recurve problems. I use either dymondwood or action wood in the riser. Made with standard limb woods of Red Elm, Hackberry or Maple with other options available.

“Yellowstone Renegade “

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The “Yellowstone Renegade” Flatbow reminds one of the archery heritage of the Native Americans. With wide flat limbs and beautiful wood, this makes a bow you won’t want to put down. The “Renegade” has excellent speed and shootability. Built in 60″, 62″ and 64″ lengths. A small straight grip with a slight palm swell is standard on this bow, but I can do a locator semi pistol grip if you prefer. The wide flat, pyramid shaped limbs, are not only efficient, but show off the beautiful grain of the limb lamination woods.
Standard limb lamination woods are Red Elm and Black Walnut under clear glass. I have many other woods to chose from.

“Yellowstone Spike”

spike1 spike2
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The Spike was introduced when one of my clients asked for a youth bow for his grandson. It is basically a scaled down version of the Yellowstone Longbow. Available up to 60″ long and up to 40# draw weight. It is the bow you need when a small kids bow is out grown and one is not ready for an adult bow. It is a classic youth longbow, to get your kid started in the right direction. Built with black glass and quality hardwoods.

Thank you for your interest in my bows.
Rich Wormington

Bow Prices

Yellowstone “Longbow” $ 550.00
Yellowstone “Hunter” $ 550.00
Yellowstone “Half Breed” $ 650.00
Yellowstone “Renegade” $ 550.00
Yellowstone “Spike”
Black Glass
$ 200.00

Prices subject to change without notice.

Option Prices

Bamboo $ 50.00
Yew $ 75.00
Osage $ 50.00
Riser Accents $ 25.00
Riser Overlays $ 25.00
Other Options or Woods Please Ask

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